March Newsletter

Safe and efficient traffic movements on roadways are vital for any and all locations. As traffic is an ever growing concern for jurisdictions, it becomes necessary to change, update traffic flows and determine feasibility of proposed improvements. Traffic engineering is the form of civil engineering that focuses on the design and construction of streets and roads in order to best facilitate traffic movements while maintaining the designed level of service.

Reeve & Associates New Hire!

Reeve & Associates is excited to welcome Jeremy Draper, PE, MBA as the newest member of their team.

Jeremy attended Utah State University where he earned his bachelor’s in civil engineering in 2004 and then later earned his executive master of business administration from the University of Nevada.

In his new role, Jeremy will provide plan design and project assistance as well as overseeing quality control and assurance for Reeve & Associates projects and help ensure the timeliness and organization of all project functions to meet deadlines.

His extensive experience in the construction and engineering industries spans both large and small scale projects such as mining, roadways, commercial civic buildings and parks. Jeremy’s talent and experience in development and engineering will be a great asset to their team as they continue to grow and expand their project development portfolio.